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  • Client retentions

    Voted the best IT company in the world  ( by the Directors)
    This is ultimately the best testimonial to any company.
    If your prices are right and your service awesome then your clients will remain with you.
    This is what we are the […]

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  • Leading Edge Computers at a glance

    No bells……………
    No whistles……………..
    We just do the basics right.
    You require the correct equipment, at the best possible price, with the most awesomest service. 
    We deal exclusively with corporate’s. We know the back office red-tape drill, and we know the urgency from the IT […]

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  • Blog Shmog

    Ain’t nobody got time for blogging. We’re busy working
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  • we do IT all

    WE DO IT ALL: From Acer…………. to Olympus…………… to Western Digital
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Our Customers think WE Rock

Just a few words from our ever grateful clients, suppliers and Thabo.

We are forever indebted to Leading Edge Computers. For the past 15 years they have been finding really good homes for us in some of the best corporate's in the country. Sometimes we are even to sent to families in new countries. Thank you Leading Edge, you guys rock.

Mr. N Book

You guys are the best computer company in the whole world.


Thanks guys, you really put us on the map